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LPG Air Plants

Welcome to our website. Since 1955, CAM has been designing, manufacturing, and installing gas mixing plants for industrial facilities and for gas distribution companies. Our gas mixing units deliver, efficiently and safely, interchangeable gases to gas pipelines. Our gas mixing units perform safely and efficiently because our design is rooted in the laws of fluid dynamics. Examples of our state of the art technology are highlighted in the web page "Interchangeable Gas Supply."

Before focusing on our technical solutions, let's highlight the advantages of the distribution of interchangeable gases versus the distribution of a single energy source. The availability of a gas mixture that is interchangeable with a primary gas (interchangeability is given by a mixture ratio which delivers the same Wobbe Index of the primary gas) provides gas distribution companies and energy managers the option to distribute a gas mixture as an alternative or in addition to a primary gas. In the field, this option means:

An example is the distribution of SNG (synthetic natural gas), a mixture of LPG (liquified petroleum gas) and air regulated to deliver the same Wobbe Index of natural gas.

Our gas mixing units are designed to deliver also other gas mixtures; we have a vast experience in mixing industrial process gases having different characteristics with LPG or natural gas. You'll find different cases in the web page "Interchangeable Gas Supply."

We have delivered and installed 478 units all over the world. Visit our website for a brief overview of our know-how and call us for an estimate about a specific project. Thank you for your attention.

The CAM Team.